Collection: REPAIRS - IPAD

At TechEdge, we provide comprehensive repair services for your iPad, aimed at extending its life and enhancing its performance.

Whether it's a shattered screen, a faulty LCD, or a drained battery, we've got you covered. Our experienced technicians can skillfully replace cracked or non-responsive screens with high-quality parts, ensuring your iPad looks as good as new. If your iPad's LCD is showing distorted images or unusual colors, we can efficiently rectify it, returning clarity and vibrancy to your device's display.

We also offer top-tier battery replacement services. If your iPad is not holding a charge as it used to, we can replace your old battery with a new, OEM-grade one, thereby reviving your device's endurance. With TechEdge, you can rest assured that your iPad is in the best hands, receiving premium care and quality replacements.